Frequently Asked Question

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Renew Visitation.

1) Does 10% of our money collected for Renew Visitation go downtown?

No, not a penny. By church law, all monies collected for a specific reason – in this case a building fund – can only be spent for that purpose. The archdiocese is not allowed access to this fund.

2) Does the archdiocese give us money for renew Visitation?

No. The archdiocese expects every parish to cover its own expenses, especially when it comes to building projects. The only exception is the poor parishes that are dependent on Together in Mission. And those funds almost exclusively go to ordinary expenses, not building projects.

3) Is all this money expected to be raised here at Visitation?

While we hope that all parish families will join in this campaign, we will be pursuing other revenue sources, by contacting foundations and writing grants.

4) Do we have to raise all the money before we begin?

No. As we raise money, we will begin working on various projects. We are excited to get started as soon as possible.

5) What happens if we don’t raise all the funds?

We are confident that with participation from all of our parish families, we will raise the funds needed to meet our goal within three years. However, should we fall short, we may extend our timeline to a five year period or re-access the priority list to determine what projects are most urgent and achievable.

6) How do we donate?

There are several ways you can donate. You can go to and donate, fill out the pledge cards that have been provided in the pews at church, call the parish office at 310-216-1145 or email We appreciate your support and will make giving to Renew Visitation easy and convenient.

7) Can we give over three years?

Yes. For some it will be easier to make a one-time donation. Others may prefer to spread their gift out over 3 years and pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. They can do so either through on-line giving at or through the usual way of US mail.

8) Are there other ways to donate?

Estate Giving, Stocks and Company Matching Gifts are all accepted. Please call the office and they will refer you to someone who can assist you.

9) How can I spread the word about Renew?

If you know of alumni who we need to reconnect with, please have them go to the school website at and register under alumni or email us at For the people in the community, have them visit our website at

10) Why is the church to be repaired last?

As we are hoping to fix and refurbish the pews, change the red tile, remove, polish and replace the chandeliers, re-paint the interior of the church and replace the carpet, it is more economical to do all such projects at the same time. This would necessitate the closing of the church for a period of time. We would use the (by then restored) parish hall for our services. We would do such work as quickly as possible, to accommodate weddings, funerals, baptisms and other sacramental celebrations.

11) What about the school?

The school is a vital part of our parish community. The buildings are used by the grammar school naturally, but also our Parish Religious, Education Program (PREP), our Confirmation Program, and hosts various parish groups for their meetings. The stronger the school, the stronger the parish. It is so important to see ourselves as ONE community, not a parish divided into separate parts. We are VISITATION!